Code of conduct will be imposed in Rajasthan in October

The election program in Rajasthan has come very close, and the date of that program is also coming very soon; now, the Election Commission has talked about the code of conduct in Rajasthan. He is a minister, he is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, so everyone is worried because he has to take many schemes to the general public, and if someone succeeds in taking the scheme to the public, then it will be a big success for him, and he will never forget it. They also do not want to do this because if any such person comes into their career, then they may have to face considerable problems in the elections, so they want that the longer the model code of conduct is delayed, the more they can take advantage of, and MPs are also concerned about this. And the meeting going on continuously between the ministers, you are constantly discussing that before the code of conduct, first do all your work.

Once Sarita is fully implemented in the state, after that the Chief Minister will neither be able to provide any facility, nor will he be able to bring it from anyone, nor will he be able to fulfil the promises made to the general public, new vacancies will also not come and which is very important. All the cases are already stuck, they will be left aside again, and only the incoming government can decide so it will be very long. The government is also worried about it, while the public is also worried about it among the ordinary people. There is a sentiment that they don’t want any such incident to happen and that they will have to suffer a lot, and the general public wants that if the government announces something for them before the code of conduct, then it is better for them otherwise. Will destroy and in the coming time, what will be the decision of the government when it is in their hands

The facility of free phones given to women may also be stopped.

The smartphones which were talked about being given to women also have an entire enjoyment facility, that government can see that the government had continuously announced that it would provide smartphones entirely to women, I have not started these smartphones yet, but they said that they would make them available to the general public very soon. The facility has yet to reach you, and if the code of conduct is imposed within October, then there will be more for them. There will be more problems where they will not be able to reach the general public, and if they cannot reach the general public this time, it isn’t very easy to get women.

There still needs to be complete confirmation about whether the government will fulfil the promises made to the general public this time and if the government’s promises are not fulfilled among the people. The government may have to suffer a huge loss, so it will try its best to make those facilities which Badauni had done to the general public entirely before the code of conduct was imposed so that their vote bank will run properly in the coming time. And here, the Congress government wishes that their government should be repeated.

John Smith

John Smith

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