China did another dirty act with India

There have been a lot of differences between China and India continuously, and the images are constantly increasing. China always attacks India by entering the border of India, and it attacks India in some way or the other. After that, he continued with completely different efforts that he could capture the Arunachal Pradesh part of India. India has repeatedly said that China, with its antics, The sooner he recovers, the better it will be for him. Leader India is all set to do big things with him. The way India attacked Pakistan just now, in the same way it will attack China too.

China is constantly seen doing something wrong with India, continuously trying to flirt a lot with India, the way it was caught doing bad things by entering inside the Indian border accusing it of using it in India. He has repeatedly said that if China repeatedly tries to bring Arunachal Pradesh into its border, India will never sit silent, and India is constantly seen opposing it. Right now, it has increased its security ultimately because it can become a war strategy in any way, for which India wants to be prepared in advance. India wants to avoid that if there is a war situation anywhere, India should be included. He wants to give a quick reply to him as soon as possible, and for this, the population of India is also ready, and the service of India is also prepared for him now.

China showed India’s part differently during its new map.

In the new act that China has done, the map of India has been shown in a completely different way, and it has shown that the way it used to give a large part of Arunachal Pradesh in favour of India, it is visible, but it has given that part to its map. During this, India has shown a lot of protest against its role in China, and India has said that it is wrong to separate its part from India’s addiction; it will never accept this as much. As soon as possible, China will have to accept that this kind of dirty act was to destroy them completely, the result of which will not be good at all.

Even after giving so many warrants to India, China has not come entirely above the fact that India is ready to respond to the many protests it has made against India, and India has tried the same. He did not want to be involved in terrorism with any country; he is always trying to create a peaceful environment, and China wants to ultimately end this peace-loving environment, for which the meeting of the G-20 countries will be held inside. This issue will also be raised entirely, and if this issue comes in favour of India, then strict action can be taken against China. In the meeting of coaching G-20 countries, it can also be wholly reprimanded, although all the countries Will be present during this, and China is also all set to come there.

John Smith

John Smith

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