Cautions To Follow While Working Out In The Gym To Avoid Heart Attacks

Young people below the age of 50 are getting heart attacks after or during workouts in the gym. Fitness experts had told some important tips that should be followed by everyone before doing workouts in the gym and also shared why patients of high blood pressure, diabetes, family history of heart diseases, and with smoking history should be cautious during workouts. And should take care of various factors while doing workout in the gym.

This daunting trend of heart attacks between the gym goers is due to the recent deaths in the country including, celebrities like, Siddhanth Suryavanshi and Raju Shrivastav, who succumbed to heart attacks during work outs. These incidents have left people in dilemma why yougsters are facing heart attacks in the gym. Health experts are telling about some importanct factors that one should take care of before going to the gym.

It is a fact that working out daily boosts one’s heart health. Since, the cases of heart attacks are increasing at a very fast speed among men above the age of 45 years, and it is believed that over-exercising is increasing the risk of heart problems. Experts told that “First we have to realize that while doing workout we must not ignore indications of heart pain, like feeling heaviness, pain in throat, back pain, and left shoulder pain. If your body is showing any of these symptom, just stop exercising.

People with pre-existing diabetes, smoking history, family history of heart diseases, high blood pressure should be enough careful and not to overexert during workout. Exercising too fast can put a pressure on the heart. So, doing to many reps, running without breaks, exercising for a longer time, having excess weight may lead to a hear attack. An expert explained “Most of the people are not physically active and suddenly they plan to remain fit and live a healthy lifestyle. You must know your health status before joining the gym.

Telling about some essential tips for gymgoers he said, “ If one is planning to start any exercise plan, then make sure to speak to a doctor first. Also, get your cardiac screening done, it will tell about your heart health. Start doing activites like, brisk walking, cycling, jogging, yoga and swimming for 150 minutes, minimum 5 days a week. Exercise 45 minutes everyday, in place of doing it for 2-3 hours at once. Don’t exercise if you feel breathless, have body pain or feeling weak. In the start, exercise slowly and systematically. Skip exercise if you feel unwell, exercise as per your potential, and avoid pushing yourself only because others are doing it.

John Smith

John Smith

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