BSNL is coming with its 4G network soon, and Network connectivity will be available in all cities

In the present world, every day, we get to see some of the other inventions of technology, and through technology, the world is slowly moving forward; if technology continues to expand in this way, then the world will one day go to the point that we Can’t even imagine. All the telecom companies are working on their 5G network and continuously installing one new tower every day in each city and rolling out their 5G network, so many telecom companies are in the market. There are big companies like Airtel, Jio, and BSNL, but Airtel and Jio have already launched their 5G networks, and their networks have also started coming.

BSNL has not yet rolled out its 4G network also, and they are working on it very soon; BSNL is rolling out its 5G and 4G systems, and according to BSNL information it came to know that BSNL will soon roll out each He is about to install towers of 4G network in cities and this work will start very soon. BSNL has taken this decision after a long time because the companies standing before them are rolling out their 5G network. Still, BSNL says that we will use our 4G tower only in the 5G network, which means that BSNL’s 4G tower itself will work for 5G. It is a perfect thing for all the people and the users because we will not have to lag behind other telecom companies in the market, and all the users of BSNL also with 5G network.

BSNL has a target of installing 200 towers every day

BSNL said that 200 towers would be installed every day. This work will last a long time because installing so many towers of BSNL all over India is not a small thing, and installing 200 towers daily is a big thing. Still, BSNL claimed that it would strengthen its network so that people do not have any problems. We constantly see that some or other phone is being launched daily, but it requires the best network to run those phones.

No matter how expensive the phone is, the network also affects us a lot; if the network is slow, then we will not enjoy using the phone so much, but if the network is fast and the internet runs at speed, then we can use the phone easily, and we also enjoy it. Considering all the reasons, BSNL has decided that soon it will install its 4G and 5G towers in every city to increase the internet speed. These towers will be installed in every rural area and urban area so that No one should have any complaint about the BSNL network in any area, and a maximum number of people will be associated with BSNL because BSNL is such a company that is running from a very old time and even today its reputation is there in the market.

John Smith

John Smith

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