An off for delhi due to heavy rains

The Government of delhi has been in the position to declared an off for the day after the amount of rainfall received by the state has increased beyond a given level and this is something that has to be done about it in every way. It is important to understand that delhi government must do something about the problem of waterlogging which is being faced by the people to a great extent because it is causing a huge amount of problem is specially in the matches of transportation from one place to another because people just cannot understand what to do in such a kind of situation because transporting with the help of the roads is becoming a headache especially to the excessive water logging.

The people do not know the basic fact that people understand a lot of things a lot of ways and this has got to do something about it so that there is no looking back and people know how to get rid of the situation as soon as possible until in unless it is too late. The particular decision has been in the interest of the people so that they do not have two suffer a lot and this notification have been should not only by the administration of Delhi but also admit station of Noida and good girl for all the school going children and the people belonging to the corporate office so that we can at home and do not face anything.

It has been for the first time that such a decision has been taken by the people so far in the best interest of a lot of people because until and unless people do not know how to do about the basic factors we will not be in the position to get through it because this is the only way in which people can be given a proper kind of security that the basically want over the period of time. The way in which the people want this matter to get solved is something that is incredible in the best way and this is going to be beneficial in the long run if people know how to get rid of these kind of situation but it has been for the first time that such a kind of notification has been issued by the government for the benefit of the people because nobody in the long run expected touch a kind of situation taking up in the times to come and nobody exactly knows what is going wrong and that is why such kind of efforts will definitely have a lot of possibility over the period of time and people will understand the reasoning.

This is to only with beneficial and has got a lot of scope for the time being before it is too late and nothing can be done about it today because it is a matter of National Emergency and people cannot your lies what is and what is not good for them

John Smith

John Smith

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