A major report from the Supreme Court came out in the Adani Hindenburg case.

The case of Adani Hindenburg had come up before the Supreme Court for many days. For this, the Supreme Court also formed a special committee and was constantly trying to find out how this happened inside the country and which is the Adani Group. There was a lot of discussion on whether the changes he had made inside the stock market were correct or not, and after that, the Supreme Court formed this committee, and after this formation, the Adani Group had to follow this decision for a long time. I was waiting, but on Sunday, this committee of the Supreme Court said that those who had put shares in Adani Group inside the stock market were suspicious.

The Adani Group itself has been accused that the shares that were placed inside the stock market were found to be suspicious, and even after this, the Adani Group continued to invest its money inside the stock market and gave profits to itself. Action will be taken, and if it has been installed inside the stock market in any way by a foreign country, then this matter can be very serious, although till now, even the Supreme Court has not fully confirmed it. But they have only called it suspicious and pushed it forward so far.

Adani Group said that the position of the concerned parties would not be compromised in any way.

Clarifying this in Adani Group, he said that he would not compromise in any way with the position of his fellow parties and with the security of the parties who have invested money inside his share market or with their money. In any way, Adani Group will not be seen playing around and will continuously provide the value of its share market to them the way Adani Group’s shares have fallen for some time, but since then, there has been a sudden boom. There is trust in those who have trusted him, and now the group does not want to let go again in any way to remove this trust.

Adani Group has wholeheartedly welcomed this decision of the Supreme Court; the Supreme Court has said that their 5000 seats are within the scope and it is very soon that the decision will be given, but completely till now, The court has not provided a verdict against Adani Group. They have asked for some more time, and only after some time has this committee requested to take a further decision and warned Adani Group that it would not share in any way. Adani Group has been prominently warned not to use its shares illegally inside the market and proceed only by using them correctly.

John Smith

John Smith

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