A major accident was witnessed during the shooting of Singham Again.

The stars who work in many films in Bollywood and many accidents happen on the film side are also seen doing great things in dance. Coolie number one in the village. Amitabh Bachchan had suffered a severe injury on his hand. After that, he was admitted to the hospital, after which the shooting of this film was going on for several days, and after that, I would have to start shooting for the schools again. There are many such films in which many people try to ensure that no accident happens to them in the movie because this greatly reduces the value of their film. The film is stopped, and by eliminating the shooting like this, they suffer a lot of loss, so no one wants this kind of manipulation inside their movies.

Currently, the Singham Again shooting is in Mumbai, where Ajay Devgan is working in the lead role in this film. Along with Ajay Devgan, Ranveer Singh, and Akshay Kumar will also be seen working in this film and the same. In practice, Kareena Kapoor is doing less in this film, giving an even stronger side to the film. Either way, the film is being considered a blockbuster, and she is constantly improving the performance of her movies in any way. You can see the changes he is making inside. Rohit Shetty puts in a lot of effort to give the best look to his films, and this time, he is also creating new changes in his movies. In this way, his upcoming film, How She Works Him, will also be a big thing to watch, and how he is preparing for his movie right now is a big thing for him.

Ajay Devgan got an eye injury on the set of the film.

Ajay Devgan got an eye injury at the Mumbai filming site of Singham Again, after which he was seen in a lot of trouble. Anyhow, he was being given all the treatment there so that he could recover as soon as possible and complete the shooting of his film. After this, Rohit Shetty informed me about the complete schedule of Mumbai regarding this film. He said that the shooting has been stopped in Mumbai, and now it will be shot in Hyderabad in January-February 2024, which is the next step, and Ajay Devgan will be seen there only. Apart from this, All the excellent actors in this film will be seen delivering there too, which will help make this film a huge super hit.

Rohit Shetty is working a lot on this film because the first two parts of Singham were a super hit. Devgan had worked in both the sub-titles. Apart from this, while being associated with Singham, he has done new films like Apart from Simba, in which Ranbir Singh got less, the way he tolerated Akshay Kumar in Suryavanshi, all his police-related films work very well for him. In this way, all his movies perform brilliantly; in any case, the same performance is expected from this film, which goes above all the other movies. Ajay Devgan’s craze within Bollywood is also very high. Ajay Devgan constantly works a lot for his movies. If he does not compromise with his acting in his films, people like them very much, and thus, people like the films of such a big actor. I also like watching it very much.

John Smith

John Smith

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