A cabinet meeting was held at Ashok Gehlot’s house.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is preparing thoroughly for his upcoming election and wants to avoid seeing himself behind in the election in any way, which he is always trying. There is a problem with his leg during an election rally. There was a sharp thing due to a fracture in his leg. After this picture, on the doctor’s advice, where did he go to rest? Instead of sleeping, he called a cabinet meeting at his home and in this meeting, Even inside, he made many decisions. Although he could not walk and once he could not even get out of the house, he decided to call a meeting at home.

During this meeting, he did a lot of education, and most of the issue was raised regarding those who will become New Delhi inside Rajasthan. Ashok Gehlot said that the distinction of the new districts will be formed very fast. Within the coming month, the boundary of all the districts will be completed, and after that, the construction work of the government offices will start. As soon as possible, all the commissioners will be appointed there, and this process will be very quick. It is happening; however, whoever reached this cabinet meeting is watching the work closely.

Gehlot said that the Indian Constitution should also be taught inside the schools.

Ashok Gehlot further decided that the education system in the new district would be given significant attention, and to strengthen the education system there, the construction of new schools would also start very soon. The most important thing that has happened inside those schools is that they will be taught the Constitution of India in a complete and good way so that in the coming times, the Indian Constitution will also be helpful to them. At the same time, there are computer instructors in Sanskrit colleges. Now it will be installed so that even the students studying Sanskrit never go away from technology.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot now wants to repeat his government somehow, and he is fully engaged in this effort. He held a cabinet meeting yesterday, and immediately after that meeting, he also held a meeting of his Congress party. And in that also he said that he should speed up the election campaign as much as possible. Whatever slow process is going on, he should speed it up and also bring some speed in the works on which his government is working so that All this work can be done before the next election. However, if the code of conduct comes into force, then no work will be done after that.

John Smith

John Smith

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