7 Tricks To Stay Motivated In Your Life

Motivation is a feeling we all want to achieve. Many people are motivated by different things, but there are key factors that will help you keep on track of your life without having to deal with low motivation too often. The truth is, we won’t feel motivated all the time, but we can certainly increase our motivation so it grows stronger, here are seven tricks to stay motivated.

Follow Your Passion

Cheesy advice, right? But there’s a reason why people say it, and that’s because it’s true.

If your job has to do with your passion, then every day will feel like an amazing opportunity to succeed at work. If you are working in a field that is not of your interest, you will start to feel exhausted, bored, and especially, you will lack motivation.

Every day will feel like a dread when you work on a field that bores you, so take the risk and start working on what really moves your soul! Start a business, apply for a job or start saving to be able to follow your passion and keep yourself motivated.

Set Life Goals

A life goal can be anything you want it to be, from learning how to cook lasagna to buying the house of your dreams. You can set short-term or long-term life goals so you can work on them, and keep yourself motivated.

How to set a life goal? That’s easy, just ask yourself! Ask yourself what do you really want and take the first step to achieve that. This way you have a reason to live for, you have a mission in this life. Your goals can take many forms, and they sometimes seem unachievable, but just keep working on them, use them as an inspiration and you’ll see better results.

Writing down your goals is very effective, writing helps you organize your thoughts and have clearer minds. So grab a pencil, a piece of paper and think about what you want to achieve in the future and work on that.

Think Positive

Having a positive approach on life will surely help you stay motivated! Positive thoughts can help you gain motivation from within and strength to continue.

Let’s Imagine a scenario, you are about to go a big job presentation that will determine the future of your career, what kind of thoughts you think will help the most? The thoughts about failing and getting fired, or the thoughts about succeeding and doing the right job?

Being positive doesn’t mean being unrealistic. You have to know that you can potentially fail, it’s something you can’t avoid, but failure shouldn’t be your doom, it should be your teacher. Whenever you do something wrong just remember that you have just learned a valuable lesson that you couldn0t have learned otherwise, now that’s positive thinking!

Work Hard On Your Goals

It doesn’t matter if you fall ninety-nine times, what matters is that you stand up one hundred times.

Being perseverant and consistent will surely motivate you. Always try to keep those values at your core, picture yourself as someone who can do anything, someone who can overcome any obstacle that comes, and you will start believing it.

Sometimes we feel like letting go. We let go a goal because we aren’t seeing immediate results or because we just lost motivation. Just remind yourself to be perseverant and to commit to a goal. These hard to get goals are the ones that you will feel the most satisfied for.

Surround Yourself With Motivated People

Our friends and social groups play a huge role on our general looks on life, from relationships, to love and even to motivation. Remember that humans are social animals, and they take habits from the people they surround themselves, so always pay attention to how the people around you feel about life.

Being around people who lack motivation, that when you invite them to do something always seem to be tired, or they seem to be always complaining about something, will start making you feel without motivation as well. Always try to be around people who challenge your intelligence, people who do better than you, and people that spread joy, these are the types of people you really need in your life.

Friends are a gift, and they can be a bonus if they help you stay motivated and focused on your goals. Always keep that in mind.

Treat Yourself Right

It’s always nice to have fun every once in a while after a period of hard work. Remember that in order to stay truly motivated after long periods of time, you have to let your mind rest and find peace from the simplest things in life.

Take your dog out for a walk, buy that video game you’ve been waiting for, go out and have pizza with your friends, you could think that by doing this you could be distracting yourself from your goal, but the thing is, if you don’t let yourself enjoy a little, then you will lose motivation at some point.

Just remember to balance the periods of rest and work. Don’t let one overcome the other, if you focus too much on your goal to the point you don’t even rest, then that’s only going to harm your health; and if you just lie around your house not doing anything for a long time, then you may risk never achieving what you want. Just learn the balance and stay focused.

Work On A Deadline

It’s a must.

When you have a goal you might feel you have all the time in the world to achieve it, so you save it for later. Eventually you find yourself trapped because you have left so many things to do later and you now don’t know where to start.

When you work on deadlines, you can better assemble your resources and work at your best potential. This way you can see the deadline as a motivation to yourself, to do the job fast and with high quality.


Motivation means different things for everybody, obviously, your goals are different from everyone around you. But if you follow these seven tricks, you will see that you will find it easier to stay motivated and get your job done.

John Smith

John Smith

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