5 Famous Myths About Fitness That You Must Avoid

In the world of digitalization there is no shortage of available information. But this has the both positive as well as negative side. If we talk about the good, we exactly have uncountable resources available. But on the wrong side, accessible information isn’t always reliable or trustworthy. This is especially true when we talk about fitness, health, and nutrition “advice.”

A writer’s creative freedom with the science of exercise can provide an explanation that eventually sends the encouraging reader down a path of perplexity. Myths related to fitness typically start with a piece of misunderstanding and worsen into “how to” advice with fiercely questionable rationales and undiscovered claims.
These are the five most common myths about the fitness industry that you must avoid:

1 – The more you will sweat, the more calories you will burn
Burning calories and sweating is not directly proportional to each other. If you are working on a hot and sunny day, you will sweat more, and if you are doing the same workout in an air-conditioned room, you’ll sweat less. But in both cases, you will burn the same amount of calories.
2 – Crunches help you get the sculpted abs you want.
You can do 100 crunches continuously for 100 days but still not get any ab in sight. Therefore, instead of doing only crunches, try a mix of strength and endurance exercises while controlling your nutrition to develop abs.
3 – No Pain, No Gain.
Most people, indeed, like to follow this mantra. It is acceptable if you experience zero to mild soreness for 24-28 hours after a workout. But if it goes beyond that after each workout, it could signify something much more severe.

4 – Workouts can help you lose weight at multiple spots on your body.
Understand that the concept of weight loss is very simple: consume fewer calories than you are burning. The idea of spot reduction is not a real thing. The body itself decides where it has to burn the fat. But exercising a particular body muscle helps a ton of that muscle and makes it look leaner.
5 – Cardio helps lose weight, whereas lifting heavy weights should be done if you want to get bulky.

Conclusively not! For getting the best result in losing weight and increasing strength. It is essential to have a good mixture of both strength and cardio training. Consumption of healthy food is also significant. You also have to keep sticking to your day-to-day calorie consumption.

John Smith

John Smith

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