4 Cost-Effective Alternatives to Enrolling in a Gym

Being a member of the nearest gym can have its perks. You can hire a personal trainer to watch your weight loss journey and you will know whether what you are doing is right or wrong. Also, you will meed a lot of healthy conscious people at the gym. These people come from different walks of life. It is always a splendid idea to make friends with a lot of people. You never know when they can be useful. The thing is we all know how gym memberships can be pretty expensive at times. Aside from a joining fee, you will need to pay a monthly fee. It is great for people who are looking to use gym equipment all the time. When you don’t have much time on your hands, you may not be able to go to the gym that much. As a result, you won’t be able to take full advantage of what you paid for. Good thing, there are cheaper alternatives to hitting the gym. Some of them won’t even require you to spend a single dime. Here are some of them:

YouTube Videos

There are a lot of YouTube channels that demonstrate workout routines that you can do at home. Thus, you can save money by not going to the gym anymore. You can do these workouts right in the comfort of your home. There are some workouts that last ten minutes or less. Imagine you could have used the time you spent going to the gym for more workout time. Yes, you must dedicate a lot of time in making your body look great. You will certainly be more attractive to the opposite sex when that happens. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a device that can connect to the net. You can even watch the videos on your smartphone and do them the moment you wake up. For each video, the instructor will give you enough time to complete each exercise before moving to the next. Therefore, there is no need to worry about when you must pause the video. Besides, your sweat may get to the screen of the smartphone and it may malfunction.


Another free workout is jogging around your village. You can even take your dog along so the canine can pee and poop while you are out of the house. When that happens, there is no need to worry about the dog peeing or pooping inside your home. We all know how big of a hassle that would be if you would need to clean that mess. You must know the path you are going to jog so you would avoid getting lost. You can take the same jogging path each day. It must not be that small. It must be big enough to cover a huge distance so you won’t get dizzy and you will sweat a lot before you know it. Also, it would be a splendid idea to listen to some music while you jog. The best time to jog would be early in the morning so it won’t be that hot yet. Remember, you can be prone to heat stroke if you decide to jog anywhere between 9 am to 3 pm.

Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is a good cardio exercise and you can do a ton of varieties with it too. You can do it at the comforts of your home or outside if you want some fresh air. After all, there is nothing like burning calories while breathing some fresh air. It is like hitting two birds in one stone. It would be best to do it as fast as you can and you will watch yourself sweat a lot in just a short amount of time. It is great for burning that fat in your belly and your legs. Also, you would not want to trip over your feet while doing this. As a result, another thing this works on is your jumping length. The price you pay for the skipping rope is priceless compared to the amount of calories you will lose when you use it each day.


You will learn that playing team sports such as basketball, football, and hockey can make you burn a ton of calories especially if you are competitive. If you are not in the mood to play, then you won’t burn much calories. Who knows? If you become an expert of the sport, you can become a professional athlete and earn a ton of money in the future. It would be awesome if you enroll in schools first so you can learn the basics. It is always great to know how to play all types of sports. All of them will work out different parts of your body so playing a game basically equals a trip to the gym. When you win, you want to play more. When you lose, you would want to win in order to make it even. It is all about the spirit of competition which means you better be at your best in all the games you play. It would be awesome if you play against good players to bring out the best in you.

Now that you know some alternatives to hitting the gym, it is also possible to become a member to a gym and do the above things too. You know you are going to lose a lot of weight when that happens. It is never healthy to be overweight as you can become a magnet to diseases. You must exercise regularly and eat the right food. The exercise you do would be useless if you eat unhealthy food all the time. Also, you must exercise at least three to four times a week. It will definitely be ineffective if you only do it once a week. The most important thing to remember would be to have fun. If you are not enjoying it then you won’t feel the urge to do it next time. Good thing, there are many ways to lose weight so you can choose the one you enjoy the most.

John Smith

John Smith

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