15 buildings held to be unfit in Mumbai

The Mumbai building repairs and construction board that is governed by the Maharashtra housing and area development authority has been in the position to identify 15 buildings in South Bombay which are definitely not suitable for human habitation. According to the latest survey of these buildings they have been declared as unsafe and dangerous. According to the sources these 15 buildings accommodate 424 tenants for the time being. Not only this but also the number of the commercial organisations has also increased more than 121. A notice has been issued against these building owners in order to vacate them as soon as possible but only 50% of the people have been able to make an alternative arrangement and the remaining 50% are demanding adequate compensation so that it is possible for them to rehabilitate to a new location.

The most important reason due to which these particular buildings have been declared to be unfit is the basic fact that the environment around such buildings compromises with the quality of life. It is important to note that the buildings require immediate repairs as they can fall down and collapse at any point of time. In such a situation it is very important to ensure that the level of governance is enhanced at this point of time and safety measures for the people are taken as soon as possible.

Mumbai is the only city in the entire world which is known for receiving constant rainfall. It is important to understand that the level of streakness has increased over the period of time for the safety of the people of Mumbai who suffer a lot due to these kind of incidence and accidents that take place due to the negligence of the Government and the people who live in such kind of buildings which can collapse. aOne of the most important reasons due to which it is impossible to sustain the existence of these buildings is the fact that the drainage facility around this locality is very affected and it is not able to drain the water collected. It causes congestion and traffic jams which can become one of the biggest source of water pollution and air pollution in the area.

The government has also issued a helpline number to contact in the case of any confusion with respect to the vacation of the buildings. A time span of one month has been given in order to provide the facility to other people over the period of time. The level of the government has increased over the period of time. The people have also an option to appeal against the decision but no such decision has been taken by any of them.

John Smith

John Smith

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