102nd Mann ki Baat streams live

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a very emotional speech on the occasion of the 102nd man ki baat show. This was dedicated to the imposition of emergency in India. The Indian Prime Minister was in the position to acknowledge the fact that the history of India has been a daily challenge in all these years and it is only with the help of a lot of efforts and sacrifices that India could come out of that dark hole which did not have any future of its own. It was in 1975 that Indira Gandhi imposed an emergency in the country and this was one of the most historic days in the history of the country for the time being.

It is important to note that a lot of people were tortured during that point of time and even the court of law not have the power to do anything about it because India at that point of time was following the pattern of the United Kingdom and it provided a self explanatory power to the Parliament which did not stem from the Constitution of the country. At the time of emergency the basic rights that are provided to every citizen and non citizen by the constitution of India remains suspended to a great extent and this is something which has to be taken into account at every cost.

Since India has been able to achieve a lot of success it is important to understand that the composition of rights for the citizen has also expanded and now despite the imposition of emergency no particular fundamental right which is a part of the basic structure of the Constitution is suspended at any cost. If anything like this takes place then accordingly it is the supreme court and the High Court that will regard such an action to be void because it will be against the spirit of the constitution which cannot be compromised at any cost. It has been a long time since India has achieved so many accomplishments in different types of sectors but it is always important to remember that in that time India had nothing including the important fundamental rights which are basic for the survival and existence of every person. It is important according to the Indian Prime Minister to teach the importance of what people enjoy today by telling them that at some point of time people did not have this facility at all and had to crave for this.

This broadcast was really emotional and the Indian Prime Minister was in the position to cover almost every kind of factors such as sports and business in which India is leading for the time being. It is only with the help of such efforts that India will be able to grow once again and will set an example for the world at large so that it becomes feasible for the people to do whatever they want over the period of time. Such changes will be beneficial and will also improve the scope of factors over the time.

John Smith

John Smith

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