10 Tips To Make Exercise A Daily Habit

In case you are searching for motivation to start exercising, or you are focused on changing your ongoing routine, some small changes in your daily routine can help you a lot. These 10 tips can help you a lot in making exercise a daily habit.

Divide your workout together: It is not necessary to do all the exercise at once. Dividing into different segments would also provide you the same benefit. For example, ten minutes of exercise in the morning, noon and night will provide you the same benefit as exercising 30 minutes all at once.

Choose a Partner: Selecting a workout partner is always helpful. It also keeps you motivated to do the workout.

Keep it brisk: while walking, do not go slow, make it brisk, because it will help you in controlling your weight much better than walking at a comfortable speed. 100 steps per minute is necessary for considering it as a brisk walk.

Move your feet before you eat: Get to the gym or go for a 20-minute walk with colleagues, and have lunch after that.

Use a pedometer: Step-counters, also known as pedometers, are a convenient and affordble way to inspire yourself to remain active. Walk 10,000 steps every day is recommended.

Turn off the TV, computer, and smartphone: Cutting your screen watching time is a nice way to reduce your sitting duration. Move here and there instead, just go to the gym or even clean the house, but don’t spend time sitting at a place.

Turn sit time into fit time: Try to mix a cardiovascular workout with a stationary activity that you already do. For example, try praciticing some simple exercises when you are watching TV, or get up and walk a few minutes every hour at work.

Sign up for a class: Go through the fitness course time table at your nearby gym or community center, or yoga or dance class at a nearby studio. You will realize that having the system of a class will help you learn a new thing and keeps you fit also.

Plan exercise into the schedule of your day: Set apart a particular time in your timetable to do exercises and put it in your planner.

Reward yourself: short-term goals for yourself and reward yourself for completing your gaoals. Try focusing on an event, such as a road race or a walk-for-charity. Such events can be helpful for you to keep yourself motivated.

John Smith

John Smith

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